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Ladner Webb Fusion's future looks bright. Why? Because our company promises to provide quality information research and technical writing reports as well as to provide an ethical, fair environment for our clients, our students, our research associates, our investors and the public. Not only will The Ladner Webb Fusion Group be a great company to work for and provide extraordinary customer satisfaction, but we believe the plasma fusion industry will be one of the most profitable industries of the next 50 years. After all solving the world's clean energy problems will provide lots of opportunity.


Mr. Roy Webb, the finance manager and account executive of The Ladner Webb Fusion Group is a native of Orange County, California and has negotiated and financed hundreds of transactions ranging from real estate to aerospace to pharmaceutical and medical facilities. Mr Webb will provide The Ladner Webb Fusion Group with hundreds of contacts including political, non profit, government and corporate.


Mr.Gregory Ladner, the editor of The Ladner Webb Fusion Group is a native of Springfield, Missouri, has a Chemical Engineering degree from Michigan Technological Institute. Mr Ladner began his career as a US Navy Nuclear Reactor in the 70s. He has spent 20 years as a Project Manager in the Oil and Gas industry, traveling to projects in Africa and in the Middle East and 20 years managing Nuclear Plant and DOE projects here at home and in South Africa.


Dr. Celso Ribeiro, PhD in Plasma Physics, staff scientist of The Ladner Webb Fusion Group is currently managing and evaluating the quality of deliverables for Ladner Webb R&D projects, as well as, he is behind the studies about new concepts for a potential fusion reactor to be developed by Ladner Webb Fusion Group.


Dr. Alireza Talebitaher PhD in Plasma Physics, staff scientist of The Ladner Webb Fusion Group is currently performing information research for Ladner Webb clients as well as supervising a team of physics professionals in the same effort. He has developed and implemented a collaboative work process that is the company's major tool for a economic and quality product.




Our information apex of the Fusion Industry

Ladner and Webb have found an important niche in the fusion industry: the massive amount of fusion information, both business related and technical related, is in many hundreds of places with many hundreds of organizations. The need for an organization to find the right type of information for it's fusion clients is absolute. Hence The Ladner Webb Fusion Group believes they can contribute to the fusion industry's commercial goal of providing an endless, low cost carbon free energy sooner rather than later.


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