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Fusion Projects and Experiments


Below is a listing our operating and proposed magnetic confined projects:

  • Pegasus Toroida run by the University of Wisconsinl
  • Adityas India
  • DEMO
  • K DEMO Koreon design to be the first commercial Fusion Reactor
  • Dynomak Reactor system Washington State University
  • KEDA Torus Experimental
  • KSTAR Korean Superconducting Tokamak Reactor
  • JT 60
  • EAST magnetic fusion energy reactor in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province, in eastern China
  • National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)
  • Alcator C-Mod Plasma Science and Fusion Center MIT
  • DIII-D General Atomics San Diego California
  • JET Joint Europeon Torus
  • IGNITOR Russian and Italian
  • ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor France


Below is a listing of non magnetic confinement projects:

  • MIT Levitated Dipole Experiment


About Us

Roy Webb and Gregory Ladner have long appreciated the exciting technology and significance of plasma fusion as a carbon free, power source that has a potential to economically supply an limitless energy source. This directory is their first investment into exploiting this new and exciting technology for the advantage of mankind.. The two partners have long understood the importance to the environment that nuclear fusion brings and by investing into this directory, have demonstrated their committment toward a carbon free, radiation free world. It is of their interest that this directory may help fusion researchers, business professionals, politicians and university professors find their information they need to accomplish their objectives.



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